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Q: What is Btc Five Dollar?

A: Btc Five Dollar is an advertising company offering high quality advertising services to promote your business and at the same time joining our fast and automated company  Regular forced  Cycler with unique new secret technology designed for no stopping the cycling speed. We are also the only advertising company till date which are offering you full Network Marketing Training in the form of videos and E-books along with an opportunity to make money in our company forced cycle. 


Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


Q: What are the products?

A: Our products will include e-books of effective marketing to empower and educate on effective marketing strategies and branding yourself. You also have a chance to advertise your own business here on our website with social media, banners or text ads


Q: What is the cost of a position?


A: The cost to join the BTC Five Dollar  Profit System is a one-time payment of $5 to start (we Highly recommend joining both). This is an automated platform paid directly to your e-wallet with no need to request your payout.


Q: Is BTC Five Dollar an investment plan or a get rich quick scheme? 

No! Btc FIVE Dollar is an advertising site that will cater to your advertising needs. We are not an investment company, HYIP or Ponzi scheme. Upon joining, you will be purchasing advertising packages that will enable you to promote your business opportunities to our targeted visitors on our website. Earnings are just a bonus to our valuable members.


Q: Are there any admin or monthly fees?

A: Yes of $5 to keep fresh money cycling into the system.

Members will be made aware of all fees prior to joining additional income producing opportunities. 


Q: Can I get a refund?

A: NO REFUNDS, since this is an automated system paying out to members and you will have instant access to your earnings, our product in your member's area, there are NO REFUNDS.


Q: What are the payment processors accepted?

A: Bitcoin is our preferred payment option that is automated via Coinpayments. A bitcoin wallet address will be generated, if you have Coinpayments you can log in and send payments automatically. If using other Bitcoin wallets, please copy the wallet address and send from your Bitcoin wallet account. Once the transaction has cleared your wallet will be automatically funded. If the system time out, you will be sent an email of notification.


Q: What Is A  2x2 Forced matrix And How Does It Work?

A: 2x2 Forced Matrix is a downline system with a limited number of members on each level. In our forced matrix you can only have 2 members on your first downline level. Those 2 members can also only have 2 members on their first downline level and that's why your second downline level can only have 4 members  We encourage members to invite 2 members into the systems.

Too often members refuse to contribute to the growth of the profit systems, expecting leaders to carry them on their "backs". 

The comp plan is as follow based on BTC value at creation

Please note that as BTC increases/decreases based on market value, therefore due to the volatility of BTC the entry and payout cost will vary:


Tier1: 2X2"

*Spark*  (2x2)  (0.001250) Cashout" $5 BTC 

*Pool-Feeder*  (1x2) Upgrade To ignite-(2x2) *With 4*Re-Entry!!! 

*lgnite*  (2x2)    Cashout" $40 BTC  *With 4 Re-Entry!!!

*Flame* (2x2)   Cashout"  $100 BTC  *(20)* Re-Entry!!!

*Fire*     (2x3)   Cashout"  $400  BTC  *(20)* Re-Entry!!!

*Pool-Feeder*   (1x2) Upgrade To Breeze (2x2)

*Breeze* (2x2)   Cashout" $2,000 BTC *(20)* Re-Entry To ignite-(2x2) & (4) Entry Into Pool-Feeder!!!  


Tier 2: 2X2  

Blaze-(2x2)  Cashout" $3,000 BTC

Pool-Feeder (1x2)  Cashout" $500 BTC

Miracle-(2x2)  Cashout" $6,000 BTC

Pool-Feeder (1x2) Cashout" $500 BTC

Pearl1-(2x2) Cashout $10,000 BTC


Tier 3: 2X2 

Pearl2:(2x2) $40,000 BTC

Pearl3:(2x2) $160-K Cashout  BTC

Earnings over $100-K-BTC


Please visit DETAILS tab of the site for a complete breakdown.

**We Must STRESS again that based on the volatility of the BTC the values can increase/decrease**

***We payout according to the current value at payout*** 


Why should members work hard to invite members to BTC* Five* Dolla*r  for you to monopolize their efforts. They too have opportunities they would like to build with the members they personally invite to BTC* Five* Dollar*.


Q: Are There Any Tax Requirements?

A: Members are personally responsible for any tax requirements. Most states allow $16,000 yearly "gifts/donations"


Q: I Sponsored A New Member But They Are Not Listed.How Come?

If you know you sponsored a new member into the program, make sure they had you listed as their sponsor when they signed up.Also check if your downline wasn't FULL at the moment of signup. Because let's say you had two members on downline level 1 and they both were listed as FREE, then anyone else you invited will not be listed under you because of the 2-wide rule from the 2x2 Forced Matrix structure. If you still think something went wrong, contact the admin team and ask them to look into the issue and provide as much details as you possibly can. But normally this should not be needed as the other reasons listed above of the signup problems.


"$5 BTC Five Dollar using Bitcoin, Automatic Payouts"

"Turn 0.001250  into $100+ K !!  2x2"

Join us in BTC Five Dollar, automated, great strategy in place to reduce changes of stalling. Fast and easy, great earning potential of over 100k"